Sunday, January 26, 2014

Life Happens (You change or IT changes you)

Been gone so long that I have a backlog of things I have been working on. Last year I had things to deal with that ate up all my time and attention. I managed to sort of keep up with Ravelry but little else. Since my life has now calmed down to the point where I can see my way to posting on the blog again, these are catch-up pictures of some of the things I got done. I have other things that don't have pictures yet but I will eventually get to those.
The first picture is progress on Herbert Nieblings Morgenrote. I'm using Yarn Place Heaven that I was able to indigo dye at A Verb For Keeping Warm. I am working on chart B and adding circa 1920 Blue Iris AB Carnival beeds (16 beads to the inch). I am using US 000 needles for the body of this lace though I used US 0000 for the center petals. It's slow going but I like the spring in the yarn and the nice definition.
Next up is Morticia which was a MKAL done with the Boo Knits group on Ravelry. I used pigeonroof studio baby alpaca lace in the "Vamp" colorway to make this shawl using US 3,4 and 5 needles. Really beautiful pattern with a fluffy delicate yarn. It was really fun to knit. It's gone off to a new owner already. Those Boo Knits really are in demand with friends and family!
Next, something a little different. This is an adaptation of a circular doily pattern by Herbert Niebling called Fuchsienbluten. After seeing several versions done up as a shawl on Ravelry, I also went ahead and gave it a try using Lichtfaden Baby Camel Silk laceweight yarn in the Cabaret  colorway using US 3&4 needles.Modifications are posted on my project page at Ravelry. This one too has been gifted.
The next one is a really old UFO that I finally finished. The Triinu Scarf in Just Our Yarn Myrn Cashmere Lace. I like how it looks but these simple patterns just don't hold my attention so it was a slog to knit. Gifted and gone thank goodness.
Lastly, I have Resolute Spirit in A Verb For Keeping Warm Baby Alpaca Lace in the Vermillion colorway. It's actually pink rather than vermillion but it was warm, delicate and beaded so I have no complaints. The person who received it was thrilled and looked great in it.
That's it for now. I can't promise to post more frequently since there is no telling when I will find the time but I will at least try to do catch-ups when possible. Happy Knitting!


Arella said...

Splendid shawls! I love the Fuchsienblüten! Wonder where I could find the pattern for it?

Lacefreak said...

Dear AlleRaa,

Unfortunately, this is a vintage Niebling pattern that has not been re-printed so unless you already own a copy, you can't knit this one. If you locate a copy, my modifications for knitting it are on my project page on Ravelry.

LeslieAnn79 said...

Beautiful work. It's nice that you are blogging again!

Agneta said...

Your work is absolutley stunning as always.
And I've missed your blogging