Monday, June 26, 2006

Blast from the Past (Shawl from long ago)

This is a shawl I made for my friend, Louise many many years ago. She let me have it just to post it since none of the other shawls I've made are owned by people locally. This is to prove that I really have made knitted lace in the past, I just never keep any of it for myself. The last large stole I made was given to a co-worker to give to her local church for their auction during the holidays, for charity. It's the way of things for me I guess. However, the next few things I knit may end up being kept for my little nieces who are only 11 yrs. and 15 yrs. old. They may not want the stuff, but they will still get them for later when I can't knit anymore. That is one of my big fears, that I won't be able to either see to knit or have fine motor co-ordination sufficient to knit. I will take a picture of the lace scarf I'm making and there is also a "lace-like" shawl (see above). The reason I call it "lace-like" is because it is not lace. It's rayon yarn knit on big needles so it appears like net, ergo "lace-like". This, along with the BFL shawl are a pain in the you-know-where to knit. Rayon is slippery and the slubs are hard to knit, it kinks up and knots. Since the shawl is still on needles, you can't really see the effect with it hanging there. I will show it once finished. It has terrific drape even if it is no fun to knit it. The Rayon Yarn was from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. The color is Lagoon, the yarn Rio in 100% rayon. The pattern is the "Simply Garter" which is a garter stitch shawlett from Contemporary Concepts by Judy Pascale. The BFL shawl is just interminably long for each row of added stitches and is a riff on the circular Shetland Shawl in "A Gathering of Lace".

That's it for now!