Monday, June 23, 2008

Home Stretch

Just a brief progress report . See above the finished border for the International Shawl. Estonian leaves and then I put Madeira and Diamond lace in next. This was not the agreed on pattern, I just stuck it in because it was the right number of stitches and looked OK to me so don't blame fleegle if you think it looks weird. That completed, I have to finish the edging for the International Shawl with a Danish Edging of leaves and then a crochet cast-off. Did I mention that I had not really looked at the chart for the Danish lace? That I had no idea where it starts for the corners and I'm not familiar with the stitch symbols? The edge now has 1090 stitches to go around it once. Oh well. No rest for the wicked! I finished plying the Peruvian merino wool that was sent to me as part of the Black Bunny Fiber Club. Very pretty and will be made into something for Season of Lace. I have joined for the Summer quarter but must finish the International Shawl before any other projects can be considered. I also have reached the center section of The Saigon Scarf by Badcatdesigns as part of "The One Shawl To Rule Them All" KAL on Ravelry. I love adding beads to it. I can feel my inner crow coming to the surface as I stare at the pretty sparkle of the beads. I will post later when I have a bit more to look at.