Sunday, May 20, 2007

But I Digress... (Sampler Stole by Hazel Cater in"Graceful")

The ladies at Yarn Place asked if I would knit them something for the shop so I pulled out a ball of "Graceful" (color F03623 Summer) and I'm doing a relatively quick knit of Hazel Carters Sampler Stole from "A Gathering of Lace" using 2.5 mm Inox. Never fear however. I am also knitting on Boundary Waters because it's the closest to being finished so I can try out the shawl/lace blocking frame my brother made for me. I stretched this rather hard for these shots so I doubt it will actually block to this look unless I decide to try a "steam" block. Another variegated yarn, but the color changes are gradual and this colorway does not have radical shifts in color so it's quite pretty. I knocked off a row of WRS and was overcome by just how much smaller that yarn is than the Graceful. I have got to be insane.
I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone out there for responding to my anxiety over trying to alter the border for Spider Mutant. Somehow my brain went on vacation and I could not figure out how to proceed. No doubt guilt for having altered the pattern at all, classic that it is. I think I have a pattern for the border worked out and will take some quiet time to double check my stitch counts before starting. I will post and I will want everyone to be honest and let me know if this turns out to be a "reeker" as my friend Louise puts it. IE a really bad border. I hope not but sometimes things don't go as planned. Thanks again for the help!
I must go and read a book now because my hands want a rest. Good Evening and Good Knitting to everyone.