Monday, November 20, 2006

Holidays Taking All My Time (very little knitting of lace)

For those wondering if I'm doing any knitting at all, I have to say, not very much. I'm doing the edge for Mountain Pines as you can see. I'm mostly finishing my shopping, starting the baking and packaging book markers that will go to family members and friends as part of the gifts. This is the time to do for others rather than just a focus on my own pleasures. All the scarves for JS are done now, the gift baskets just have to be wrapped in plastic for the adult niece and nephews. There is a little on-line shopping still going on and I've left the dreaded trip to "Toys R Us" for the very last. The nice thing is that Thanksgiving will be at my sister-in-laws, sisters home this year. Millie will cook the turkey and we show up with our knitting along with our contribution to the food. This year my sister and I will bring pumpkin pie, turkey gravy (My sister is known as the 'Gravy Queen') and stuffing consisting of 3 types of bread, sausage, apple, chestnuts, etc. Very tasty and great with the from-scratch gravy my sister makes. It's an all-day affair and we watch video's and knit while the turkey cooks! Our hostess is very gracious and just remodeled her kitchen so it is now the Uber Kitchen for cooking. I can hardly wait to see it. I know it's beautiful because, along with being a highly talented woman, Millie has impeccable taste. I hope to do a lot more of the edging on this day.
I've also been writing a little for NaNoWriMo but it's not even close to 50,000 words which I guess they consider novel length. It's amusing in it's way but War and Peace it's not. I will finish it but not in the month of November! I'm almost done with Chapter 2 and will post that chapter on the link if I get it done in time.
Have a Wonderful Turkey Day!