Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fatal Error (RIP first attempt at WRS)

My first go at the WRS center has failed. What is referred to in health care as a "fatal error" has occurred!
I had to pick back on row 15. I managed it but damaged the yarn too severely in the process and the yarn disintegrated in the row and ran like a sprinter. Sigh. Gods way of telling me that I will have to learn to do things differently because this type of knitting and this type of yarn, is nothing like anything I've ever knit before. Which, is actually kind of exhilarating! See the picture of needles I got today at Lacis in order to use, for the very first time, a "lifeline". Thank you Jason for that link to the site that shows how to do it. Both sets of needles are blunt ended, both will take tatting cotton in the eyes to use as lifeline. The Doll needle has a much larger eye and is thicker in diameter than the Teneriffe weaving needles. The Teneriffe needles can run along the cable part of the circular needle and pick-up stitches very easily. I hope that I won't be making too many errors in the future, but if I do, I hope using the lifeline will spare the integrity of the yarn. I would have to choose the Shetland cobweb as my first attempt yarn. I could always go bigger, but what would be the challenge in that? So remember children. You can pick your nose as much as you like, but you cant pick Shetland cobweb weight yarn almost at all!

Disgustingly cheerful for all that I have endured disaster!

Much, much later I bet!