Saturday, April 07, 2012

Frühling. This took for freaking ever to finish!

I have not really had time to post anything for quite some time. The only thing I've been knitting on is this project which I am very happy to say is now done.

Herbert Nieblings Frühling. 60 inches in diameter using US 0000 needles for the very center leaves and US 000 needles for the rest. I used naturally dyed silk thread from “ A Verb For Keeping Warm” in the Tidepools colorway. This was a custom order done as a favor for me because I wanted to do a larger project but needed something fairly thin to work with. There are a few errors but nothing major.  

I tried to get this sucker done in time for Stitches West 2012 but it was taking over an hour to go around the work for one row and I just ran out of time.  Though I love how it came out, I just want to knit smaller projects for awhile before I tackle anything this large again.  Of course, I have a stash of really nice threads to pick from and a pile of patterns to choose from so you just never know :-) Until next time.....