Sunday, July 19, 2009

Spinning Frenzy and Surprises (What you can and cannot do when you have the flu)

It's flu season. How do I know this? I know because I have had the snotting, coughing, wheezing, loss of voice and fatigue associated with the current flu bug for weeks. Did you know you can still spin a fair single while you have the flu? Did you also know you knit lace at your peril if you are doped up to the gills on drugs? I also want to mention that shopping for spindles on the internet is not a problem for me even when I'm sick. I'm better now, thank the Lord, though there is a stubborn cough that just won't go away. Here are a few pictures of what's been going on.

The first two pictures are of a "Surprise" project I'm knitting. The yarn is 100% Baby Alpaca lace weight yarn from "A Verb For Keeping Warm" in "Vermillion" (4.0 ounces, 1,000 yards). The next picture is of the actual project. You won't see clear pictures of this baby until it's all done and blocked, hence the surprise factor. I'm about 2/3 of the way through and the pattern is 313 rows long. I'm using Addi Lace needles in US 0. Fleegle might have a good guess as to which pattern it is and there are a few folks at Verb who also know. This is proof that I'm still knitting lace though you wouldn't think it looking at the rest of these pictures. As my concentration improves, I will go back to Goldregen but at US 000 needles, I just couldn't hack knitting on it while I've felt so under the weather.

The next pictures are of singles spun from my Verb fiber club shipment of alpaca fiber in “Bleeding Heart” colorway. It was heaven to spin. I have the bobbin on top of some pigeonroofstudio rovings that I was considering to ply with it. I eventually choose the green roving which is a combination alpaca and merino and I'm still working on that project.

It's no surprise that I got more spindles. I didn't mean to but it's boring being sick.

Butterfly Girl Designs : Hemalyke stone whorl .8 ounce

Golding "Acorns" made of a Danecraft Sterling Silver Inset with a Walnut shaft .89 ounces.

Spindle Bowls from "The Wheel Thing" for me and my sister in Bubinga and Cherry (We took a support spindle class at Verb and I sucked major at it)

Tabacheck Tibetan Spindles from "The Wheel Thing" 2 in walnut, a cherry and one in Honduras Mahogany.

Tom Forrester Russian Spindesl from "The Bellweather"

4 spindles from Kevin Rhoads ( Yew, Red Palm, Monkey Puzzle and Laburnum)

I also bought fiber from Corgi Hill Farm as well and finished spinning and plying my other Verb fiber club shipment "Intergalactic Space Travel" in Cashmere and silk plied with Indigo dyed merino/silk also from Verb.

That's all for now I'm afraid. I hope to be able to post blocked lace next time but the rows for the Surprise project are getting ever longer as the shawl grows. I've finished one ball of yarn and I'm onto the second one. Hope I actually have enough of it!