Friday, June 06, 2008

Generosity (Thy name is fleegle)

I took a little side trip to Lacis and Lo and behold! They have a lovely lace exhibit entitled "Lace I Love' A Selection Of Lace Pieces From An Anonymous Collector Donated by Susan Glinert Stevens (AKA fleegle). The lace is really beautiful and for those who can't get out to see it, there are the slides at the Lacis link above. What a wonderful way to preserve this beautiful collection! Bravo fleegle! Since a few people have asked me, I also took a look at the pattern re-prints that recently became available. The first are from KUNSTSTRICK MUSSER. The first is called Martha, then Susanne and Meteor. The next is Dahlie, then Narzisse and then Tausendschon. If you go to the Lacis link and scroll down to the lace, you will see the patterns. They also have the re-print of Beyer "Kunstricken, Beyer-Band 361" which has 30 lace patterns that are also said to be Nieblings. I also have this one but I did not pick it up at Lacis. To top it all off, they have also re-printed "Lyra". That elusive pattern that so many of you have asked about. It's only $7.00 and you will not regret spending that money to knit this beauty. The chart is big and easy to read and the pattern is in English! Lastly, I joined my very first fiber club. Black Bunny Fibers has sent me 8 ounces of beautiful Peruvian merino that I am spinning into thin pretty singles. There you have it. A surfeit of lace!