Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fuchsia Doily (085/18) So it wasn't Bleeding Heart

According to Mary Francis at Lacis the flowers in this doily are supposed to be Fuchsia. Too bad. I kind of liked the idea of "Bleeding Heart" or "Love Lies Bleeding"but then I'm a morbid kind of person at times :-) Using US 0000 for the center and US 000 for the remainder, it was made with one ball of Flora 50 in red from a burda magazine in German "Alles aus Garn: Kunststrickent / Folge 1. I'm not perfect. It has mistakes (0ne reason why I will likely never enter a county fair) but I learned new things with this doily so I am very happy. Thank you to every one out there who helped me to figure out how to knit this doily and to everyone who is enjoying this lace as much as I enjoyed knitting it. I am in a finishing frenzy now so I hope to post more completed lace soon.