Monday, October 30, 2006

You Know What I Like! (birthday gifts)

I'm at that age where I pretty much buy whatever I want for myself within reason. After all. I don't really like to wait for anything and I don't see why I should have to. That said, my friends and family really do know what I like. It's not the money, it's the thoughtfulness. See above some of the very wonderful things I got for my birthday. I particularly like the dog headed knitting needles (US 9-10) , the pretty bag for small knitting projects (from France no less), the radical rick-rack as well as the novel tape measures. All from my friend, Louise (that bastion of Basque-ness). She's been collecting these things over the whole year for me. You really cannot ask for a more thoughtful friend than that. The needle set from Knit-Picks is just one of the many many gifts I received from my sister. I can't say I lack for needles. I thought I had every size and every length until she got these for me with the additional/optional longer length cables so I have 45" and 60" cables. Day-am! I am a very lucky woman. It almost makes aging bearable:-) . The dishcloths and Ray Charles album (along with a nice Starbucks commuter mug not show and Starbucks Giftcard) are from my friend Cindy and her daughter BJ in Seattle and the Motown, well that was something I got for myself along with a large number of paperback "trash" novels I will put in the stockpile of books "to be read". Did I mention I hate to run out of either knitting or reading material?

Now don't think I haven't been knitting. I have, just not a heck of a lot of lace. I have only one more scarf to knit for JS and my servitude will be done. I have only 6 more rows to knit and the boarder for Mountain Pines will be done and I can begin knitting on the edging. That will take awhile since it takes 832 stitches to go all around the shawl. I screwed up the Peacock Feathers Shawl again and have to pick-back 3 or 4 rows so you won't be seeing that one for awhile. The WRS, is on hold so far. I may start back onto this eventually but it's a very slow knit for me. The Fircone Shawl is a no-brainer and I'm knitting this whenever I get bored with other shawls. It hardly counts. It's the "Holiday Slow-Down" where knitters go into semi-hibernation and go bake or cook or some such thing until spring. Darn those holidays! :-)

Until later!