Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lyra, Row 111 (Vacation Knitting)

Back from Tahoe where the water is so blue I wish I had some lace weight yarn the same beautiful color. When I wasn't sitting by watching my friend Louise gamble, I did a little knitting. Louise spent 3 straight hours playing roulette one day, I spent the same amount of time knitting on Lyra. I had fun in my own way though I think the staff cleaning the rooms thought I was nuts. I stopped at row 111 because it was time to come home and I need the next size needle once I get to row 113. The pattern as well as people who have knit this lace before me suggest that a larger needle is needed or this work will not lie the way it should once blocked. I'm on US 2 now and will go up a size. I'm loving how it looks and now I will get to work on the "flower" as well as the outer leaves for the shawl. I plan to make it round rather than the square shown in the magazine since that is one of the options. It won't be a huge shawl. Maybe 48 inches across if I'm lucky. It ends with a crochet cast-off. Oh joy. You all know how much I loath crochet. Still, it is turning out pretty so I guess it is worth it. :-)