Monday, October 20, 2008

Sinusitis = Tedium ( Lose your voice, lose your mind)

It doesn't happen to me very often, but sometimes my allergies get the better of me and I end up with a sinus infection and loose my voice. To say that I hate this is an understatement. I snot a lot, have to grunt and point at things in response to questions and the codeine in my cough syrup makes me fall asleep over knitting or reading. Still, being home gave me time to work on some things. Since focus is a challenge, I only did a little bit more of Goldregen. The first shots are up to row 109, about half way up the chart. I really enjoy knitting this pattern but I'm going to wait until I feel better and the antibiotics kick in to do more of this. I went on Etsy and bought several sets of Diz and threaders from GVPencheff (curly maple, Corian and Red Oak Diz and threaders of maple, Oak and Corian) I got the Corian set to use with dyed fleece. I spent time processing fleece and using the Diz sets to make rovings off of my mini combs. The CVM lamb fleece is another acquisition from The Fiber Denn as is the blue Cormo below it. The light colored roving is also CVM and the Grey/Brown is Rambouillet. The bobbins show the singles from the Rambouillet that I'm spinning. I also have shots of the 50/50 merino silk lace weight I made from the roving I got from Blue Moon Fiber Arts in the "Iris" colorway. as well as the lace weightPolworth locks I purchased from A Verb For Keeping Warm in the "Butterfly Wings" colorway. Lastly, my final shipment of the Team "B" fiber club from Black Bunny Fibers. It s a Border Leicster and Kid Mohair called Red Maple II. I now have so much fiber that I guess it was fortunate I was too sick to go to "Colors, A Fiber Festival" this weekend. No hyperlinks with this post as I'm just too much of a mess to focus. I hope to have more to show for myself once I get over the crud.