Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hyrna Finished (A Quick Knit)

Well, Hyrna is done and blocked and it ended up being a very quick knit once all was said and done. You have pictures of my friend, Louise who is wearing it for me, a picture of it unblocked and then a few of it blocked. The color ended up rather nice but it made me really want to knit something bright and colorful. I've been working on the Salmon Queen Doily and knocked off a few rows on the International Shawl, but not enough for me to show you. I have, however, decided to knit a shawl from the Spring '08 Knitty. It's called Laminaria and I wanted to knit it because it has Estonian Lace stitches in it and will be good practice for my International Shawl which will have some Estonian lace in it as well. It also might be a nice quick knit to lighten up my knitting in general. The yarn I'm going to use is another handspun project from Black Bunny Fibers in colorway "Carnival" It's 4 ounces of 50/50 Border Leicester/Mohair Top with a little cream colored Suri Alpaca Top mixed into one of the ply to lighten up the intense color and add a little more softness. I know the lace pattern is not likely to show well with such a colorful yarn, but I just couldn't help myself. I hope you can all bear with me as I go off on a color trip :-) Can you tell I wish it were Summer already? Hope you are all knitting fun things and enjoying yourselves!