Sunday, February 22, 2009

Crown Prince Square Shawl (I didn't go into knitting so I could sew!)

I don't know about anyone else but I did not go into knitting so I could sew! That said, I did end up sewing the edging onto the center of the Crown Prince Square Shawl. Alpaca is not a very elastic yarn for sewing so I'm not thrilled with how difficult it was to sew up.It was tricky to get the tension right. If I had actually read the pattern before I started knitting it, I might have knit the edge first and then attached the live stitches to the center as I knit it. That might have worked better for me. Still, it is a pretty thing. Sorry for the color shifting in the pictures but I could not really get the color down with flash photography and even the natural light photos at the end don't really show the color of this shawl. If you are going to Stitches West this year, perhaps Kristine (seen wearing the shawl) will have it with her at the shop booth for "A Verb For Keeping Warm" since it now belongs to her :-)

To Recap-

Crown Prince Square Shawl pattern from "Knitted Lace of Estonian Techniques, Patterns, and Traditions" by Nancy Bush. Knit on US 3 needles using 100% alpaca lace weight yarn from " A Verb For Keeping Warm. Yarn is called "Holding" in the "Twilight" colorway. Be sure to check out the errata page at Interweave Press for the corrections to this and other patterns in the book!

Now I'm back to work on Goldregen but have switched to US 000 Addi Lace Needles since I had needle failure on the Hiya Hiya needles in US 0000. I'm a bit more than half-way done with the pattern so the change of needles at this point is OK. I have more stuff to show but I'll post later.