Monday, July 09, 2007

Clarity And a Universe of Supportive and Wonderful People (That Would Be All of YOU!)

I want to thank everyone who responded to my post about the confusion over pictures of a really very lovely label that originally held spinning fiber from Widdershin Woolworks. I was very glad that that no one felt ill towards me for this mishap since I would never want to use someones artwork without permission, even by mistake. Since I bought this fiber so very long ago, "Just call me Methuselah", there would have been no way I could have legitimately gotten permission to use this art if indeed I had been using the label as my own, and I think it it was actually quite brave of the person who alerted me to this possible issue. I believe she was trying to be sure the artist and friend was protected and I admire that greatly.

I have since received two e-mails. One from the person who first approached me with a very nice letter indicating that she was now more clear on what had happened and hoped I had not been inconvenienced. She was very gracious. I also received a delightful e-mail from the original artist, Tenzin Nyikel (Michelle Mueller) who is now living in Dharamsala as a Tibetan Buddhist Nun working with orphans. Both she and her friend enjoy spinning and knitting and both sound like very lovely people. All's well that ends well. I hope to post some progress soon . Thank you again for all the great support. You all are wonderful people, but then I would hope you all knew that! Good Evening.

I Must Apologize! (Confusion about "Lable")

I am posting this to both clarify and apologize for any misunderstanding that people may have had about pictures I posted recently. For those of you who have seen the green yarn that I spun in lace weight from fiber I purchased years ago from Widdershin Woolworks. When I spun some of this yarn for missalicefaye and then wrapped the belly band around the finished yarn, she posted it as a pretty photograph on her blog. I've also posted pictures of the belly band by itself and with the fiber in it on my blog. I have received a kind message from someone who has seen these photographs and it appears that some people believe I am using this artwork as my own label.

Please Please Please! I had no intention of implying this is my label and had no idea that anyone would think that. I am hoping to contact the original artist in order to apologize for my grave error and am posting this to clarify. In future, I will not be posting labels as I am very concerned about what has happened. If anyone else knows how I might contact the original artist to apologize I would appreciate that help.

I hope I can correct this mistake and I appreciate your patience with me and my errors.