Thursday, July 19, 2007

Life Is Good! (I love getting gifts in the mail!)

Behold! Almost too much goodness has been coming my way lately. First fabulous Japanese Swag from fleegle with frogalicious contents that made my inner container-hoarder sing with joy. Now a fabulous feast for the senses from missalicefaye. After a long and irritating commute to get home today I was greeted by this wonderful box of happiness. Do I have to tell you that much of the chocolate goodness that you see pictured here is now residing in my tummy? Those "Happy Hippo" goodies were crunchy/creamy/chocolaty and are now a pleasant memory. The beautiful hand made bag with the delicate and whimsical embroidered bird is a lovely piece of art and is much too good for my grubby knitting tools. I'm going to put my remaining balls of Cobweb weight Shetland Yarn from Lacis in it for safe-keeping. If all this bounty was not enough, I now have a cone of Habu which is a combination of Silk and Stainless Steel. It's just beautiful and I may have to break down and use it for a doily even though I usually don't do doilys. So many beautiful things to see and to make and to share. Life really is very good :-) Thank you missalicefaye!