Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Spider Queen Wanna-be's (Just beat me with a big stick why don't you?)

Yes, I know. Missalicefaye has already pointed out that I'm already doing a shawl with pretty darned fine yarn. But the navy yarn has both cashmere (65%) and silk (35%) and it is called the Spider Queen after all. Please see the swatch for the
second candidate for that particular shawl. The size is not much smaller on US 2 than the white cashmere (US 3) if you don't count the extra boarder stitches I added just because this is a swatch. Besides. The center panel of Spider Queen is easier than the WRS. No, really! So even if the yarn is thin, it will not be so painful to knit. Yes, I think this is the yarn I want to use. Now all I have to do is decide on color. In this weight and fiber content, I have 4 cones (see above). I'm leaning towards the Blue since it's a nice dark color and I haven't been knitting dark in any of the other shawls. I think it would be a nice change of pace. Still, no new shawl until I finish another one. That won't be happening for awhile because I have to knit a mans scarf out of Lion Brand "Wool-Ease" yarn for my friend JS. Of course, I could swatch "Heere Be Dragone". Swatches don't count you know. I think a heavier yarn is better for the definition of this pattern. Missalicefaye is using a Zepher for hers. Always a good choice if you ask me. Maybe I could ply my singles of purple cashmere for it? That is one thing I would not really do again, buy the singles in cashmere. I'd buy 2 or 3 ply only because the singles are not very strong in that fiber. In order to use this yarn, I now have to ply the singles. First I have to spin them onto bobbins and put in additional twist, then ply the singles from the bobbins. If I had bought singles that were designated for weaving, I wonder if it would still be necessary to add more twist or if I could have just plied directly from the cones (yarn for weaving already has extra twist for strength). Anyway, something I won't do again.

I must go knit that scarf now. Please let this be the last one JS. I'm begging here!