Monday, July 31, 2006

The Wedding Ring Shawl (snail paced progress)

So we are up to row 20 on the WRS . I couldn't resist posting these because I needed to see what little progress I have made. It's not much, but it is still pretty and it encourages me to continue with it now that the weather is better. I will put in another lifeline at this spot before I move forward. Also, see above current attempt to spin thin singles on my Schacht. I spin a bit in between everything else and will attempt to spin enough to make a stole or shawl. Short post tonight! This weekend I will not be around to knit. I will be visiting a friend in Seattle who is going to be giving a poetry reading. Will leave Friday, back Monday. No greater love hath one friend for another than to give up knitting and spinning time to be supportive of their artistic endeavors!

To Good Knitting and Good Vision!