Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Do You Want To Torture Yourself? (Knitted Lace Designs Of The "Modern" Mode Book 1 and Knitting Lace)

Years ago I bought a copy of "Knitting Lace" from Lacis in Berkeley which is in Japanese. It had pictures and great charts and I guess if I had really sat down I could have figured out and translated a "legend" so I could knit from those charts. I never did it but I loved the pretty book so much I kept it and just drooled from time to time. I have a few books on what is apparently referred to as "modern lace knitting" and have never knit from them. I like to keep reference books because there are times where everything comes together and I suddenly start to actually knit from them. That's what happened when I bought Sharon Millers "Heirloom Knitting" book. I had it for well over a year before the light bulb went "on". Well, now Lacis has published an additional book and they have translated the "legend" for the stitches. I could actually now knit these patterns if I'm crazy enough to want to do it. I have to say that these are very very tempting but I'd have to start small. I will look at them, drool more and try to finish things before I start more. I have three things that have potential to actually be done. the "Dragone" shawl must be next in line for my niece, I am waiting for my copy of Sharon Millers "Spring Shawl" to come in the mail but I won't start that until the Wedding Ring Shawl is done, so maybe a little something from one of these books? Hmmmm. I have to go knit now.