Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lyra (Row 129) WTF does this mean in English?

Ahhh. The hazards of buying old lace knitting magazines in German. Yeah, they give you the English translation of the symbols in general but that doesn't help you when the center graph pages have special little comments for the pattern you want to make in GERMAN with symbols you don't have on the key. The two magazines you see there are ones that I got on E-Bay and they are in German. The third one is a magazine I bought in 1992 in English though it was also published in German as was the Anna Magazine that contains my copy of the Lyra pattern. I made a close-up shot of the instructions that I do not understand and the symbols that I don't understand. I'm thinking they are asking me to do a cable cross but I'm not sure. Those are from the older Burda magazine so I think it may have been before they came up with a more standard version of cable icons. I'm just guessing here. If anyone has a clue, let me know. It's for a doily I'd like to knit. These two magazines in German have quite a few patterns I'd like to try so I will work on these as well as the patterns I have in the Japanese books for awhile. Not all Nieblings are appealing to me. I favor the ones that have flower/leaves etc. Not so much a fan of the ones that are straight traditional doilys. I have to say that being on vacation for 12 days has made me realize how little time I have had to really knit. Most of my time is taken up with the commute to work but since I've been off I have knit for hours at a time. I can knit late at night without being concerned that I have to get up at 5:30 AM to get to work. It has been really nice and I just have to find more time to knit once I have to go back to work. Anyway, here are a few shots of things I'm making progress on. Boundary Waters I'm on side #3 and it's very dull to do the edging but I'm trying to make myself finish this so I can do the edging for the Sampler Stole. Also, I'm enjoying the Lyra pattern so I'm having trouble making myself finish the edging I know I need to do on the other projects. The flower center consists of small single cables that cross each other and look a little bit like a rope spiral. You don't get great definition with yarn but I bet this is a knock out with crochet or tatting cotton and I plan to find out by knitting Lyra again with Flora 50 or Cordonet 50 cotton later on. No progress on the Wedding Ring Shawl. It has been very warm here so I'm not at all tempted. Still, if it cools down I will try to knock off a few more rows but it lacks the appeal or ease of Lyra so I won't hold my breath. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!