Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Missing Mojo (What to knit when you can't concentrate)

What do you knit when your mojo is missing? This is the question I have been asking myself for months since I finished Fruhling. It's like I sprained my mojo and could not concentrate on my favorite Niebling lace. I blamed menopause, I blamed stress from work, I blamed aliens who must have stolen my mojo when I was not looking. Who knows how this works? Anyway, do I lie down and just take it? Heck NO!

While waiting for my mojo to return I have been spinning. See above my version of the Color Affection shawl using Loop bumps in the Raindrop colorway and the coordinating color bump. This is part of the Loop SAL on the Ravelry group and was my first attempt at spinning a gradient. I did a chain ply for this one to maintain the colors and it turned out pretty well though I would rather gnaw off my hands at the wrists than do another project in garter stitch again.

Next I used the 2 ply hand spun gradient lace weight yarn I made using the Fiber Optic Yarns merino/silk roving in the Rouge-Violet-Cerulean Gradient. This was part of TheKnitGirlls SAL The shawl is a mash-up of Laminaria and Echo Flower Shawl The shawl is based on on made by Dobranoc .It doesn't use much of the red section from the gradient but I have saved it in case I want to knit something else from it.

Below that I am blocking a Mystery KAL from Boo Knits. It started on Valentine Day and finished up this last week. The pattern is called "Temptress" and is now available for purchase on Ravelry. It does not show true colors while blocking but I hope to get shots once it's dry.

Finally, I have more fiber from Fiber Optics Yarns. This one has some cashmere in it and will be yummy to spin with. The batt below is from Fleegle's Etsy shop. I am spinning this one right now and it almost spins itself it's THAT GOOD! I can't wait to see what I end up making with it.

I am hoping that my mojo can be found in the next few months. I did lay hands on a hibernating Niebling and did a few rows while waiting for the doors to open at the Market Place at Stitches West 2013. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could concentrate on it for awhile. Cross your fingers :-)