Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sampler Stole Finished (finally)

You have all been very patient waiting for a few pictures of the Sampler Stole now that I finally got around to blocking it so here we go :-) My lovely model is my niece who got to help me out before we left to go to Yarn Place so I could give it to them as a store sample. The first two shots are in daylight so you can see what it looks like in natural light. The rest are shot with flash. For those in the Sunnyvale area of California, Yarn Place is moving their storefront so they have everything in the store on sale ! And yes, that is a Mummy Kitty tee shirt she is wearing. Don't ask. Since I was at the shop, I got to get a look at fleegle's Spider King and her Red Lyra. The are spectacular! Her Lyra has no binding at all since the yarn she used has more elasticity than mine (mine has a very little bit of binding in the area of the arch around the flowers"). Too bad they won't let people take pictures at Stitches but I can't wait to see them hung up on display. That's it for now! Hope you are all having a great weekend :-)