Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dear 2trees

Since I accidentally erased your e-mail address I will post this information here in hopes you will check in or check fleegles blog. The two Japanese books I purchased at Lacis. The ISBN number for, Knitted Lace Designs Of The "Modern" Mode by Kazuko Ichida is (ISBN 978-1-891656-81-1). The second book is not the newly published one on the Lacis site but the original one I bought many years ago and does NOT have the translation in English of the stitch chart. My copy # is (ISBN4-529-02531-4). However, I suggest you look it up at the Lacis site to see if they have the ISBN number listed there for the second book. As for the Italian Magazine, it has NO ISBN# on it at all and you may only be able to get it at Lacis. Hope that Helps!