Saturday, January 19, 2008

Books Are Not Stash (Are they?)

My sister and I were in San Francisco today and we fell into the gravitational pull of Kinokuniya Bookstore in Japan Town. No, really. It's like a black hole but with books. Yes, I have lots of books with lace patterns in them. Most are in English. But the pictures in this one are are soooo pretty! Books don't count as stash do they? I think of them as reference materials and pretty pictures really do inspire me. I'm up to row 85 on the International Shawl but fleegle is ahead of me and "hit the wall" ie, she found an error in the pattern. She got to be the "canary in the coal mine" for the rest of us and has warned us about what we need to do to stay out of trouble on row 87. Thank you Susan! We Luv You! I will work on it more tonight. I have forced myself to do at least 5 repeats of edging whenever I pick the darned Sampler Stole up so it does proceed kicking and screaming. I have been listening to the soundtrack for "Hairspray" while I'm doing the edging so it's not all bad. As for the pictures of yarn, I did say I am allowed to buy sock yarn for my sister and I just got some lovely skeins from Black Bunny for her. I don't think my pictures do them justice. 400 yards each and they are soft and lovely wool. Though I don't knit socks myself, as a person who benefits from my sisters knitting of them I have to confess that I'm very partial to bright colors and soft but substantial yarns. This yarn has all the virtues. She promised I can have the louder pair :-) Short post with no pictures of my very boring edging. I'm not showing that sucker again until it's done! However, once I get the second set of leaves done on the International Shawl I will try to get it on longer needles so I can get you a picture. Until then, Good Knitting!