Sunday, June 01, 2008

Gearing Up ( I'm gonna knit me some lace)

With my friend Louise on the mend, I find I have really been remiss in my lace knitting lately. However, I'm gearing up for the Seasons of Lace knit-a-long. Not that I don't already knit lace all the time but I love that others have the desire to knit it too :-) I've needed to relax so I've been spinning more than knitting, but in the end, that only leaves me with more yarn. So starting at the top, I have started knitting "The Saigon Scarf" which is a beautiful design by badcatdesigns. This is a free pattern on ravelry . I'm using the yarn I spun from the Palo Verde batts I obtained from Spritely Goods and it has the lovely addition of beads in this pattern. It doesn't use all the yarn I spun and leaves enough for an additional project. In order to put the beads on, I needed to add them with a small crochet hook. this required a visit to Lacis since I didn't have one small enough to fit through the hole of a bead. I got an assortment of hooks (.60/.75/1.00) and while I was at it, I picked up some "mini" crochet hooks that can be put on a holder and used when tatting as some shuttles don't have a point to pull thread through picots. My "stimulus package" fast dwindling, I spied another Danish lace book. "Kunststrick II" by Sonja Esbensen which I did not yet own. One must keep up one's library after all or find oneself no longer deserving the sobriquet "lacefreak". Must not have that so home it came. I have to say it was such a pleasure to spin the batts of Palo Verde that I ordered 10.4 ounces of "Bursage" (merino with angelina and firestar for sparkle) from Spritely Goods. It needed no fluffing or pre-drafting and spins perfect straight from the batt. Just pull off a length and off you go. You can't beat that with a stick! Lastly, a picture of my 4 ounces of Madder dyed BFL from A Verb For Keeping Warm. The really nice thing is that I can get more of this fiber after all so I have a particular project in mind for it. That's it for now. I hope the next post will have more actual lace content. Hope you all had a great weekend :-)