Saturday, January 03, 2009

When Good Needles Go Bad (Mission Control, We Have A Problem)

So I'm knitting along on Goldregen when I notice something is not quite right. You know, a kind of looseness where there is not supposed to be anything loose. That's when I realize the join where the needle is supposed to meet the cable has separated. Sigh. I really do suck at fixing this type of thing but I'm not looking forward to trying to pick back about 5 rows of work on US 0000 needles. I think I will leave it for awhile and look at it tomorrow. Maybe it will look better in the morning. Sigh. However, I have made a second project on the loom. It only took 2 days and is a scarf for my sister made from Lisa Sousa's Baby Alpaca Lace in colorway "Sun Bleached Mahogany". Finally something my sister is willing to wear! So I guess I have to be satisfied with that success while my lace knitting kicks the crap out of me.
Happy New Year!