Sunday, March 04, 2007

Please Shoot Me Now (The Wedding Ring Shawl)

Sharon Miller advises you keep your WRS in a pillowcase to protect it while you are not working on it. I have done this every single time I have finished working on my shawl. Every time except last night when I put the work down to fetch something. I did not notice that my crochet hook had caught on part of the work. I picked it up to put it away and I heard a snap. Did you know it takes twice as long to pick back as it is to knit a row? I have to pick back 10 rows to get to the rip. You will not be hearing from me for awhile while I do penance for not following the rules. Did I try to do a Homer Simpson fix? Do bears pee in the woods? It only made a bad situation much much worse. Did I mention that picking back areas of work where you have screwed around trying to fix it takes three times as long? I really really love my little nieces. I cannot give one of them a shawl with a huge mistake in it. I just can't. Why not? Because they are worth the blood sweat and swearing that is now going on to fix this shawl. Besides. The lace, the yarn, the process of knitting. It's a little bit of who I am. If the shawl was for me, I'm not sure I'd fix it. I'm not sure I'd have knit it at all. But it's going to be around long after I'm gone. Something my nieces have to drag around to remind them of their crazy Aunt Jane. I look forward to getting back to you when I fix the error and make it to the end of the center panel. My reward will be to buy another Sharon Miller project pattern :-)