Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bringing The Pretty /Wrapped in Comfort

Just got a new book in the mail. This one is by Alison Jeppson Hyde and is titled "Wrapped in Comfort" She has some lovely circular shawls as well as scarf patterns using larger sized needles (US 9 or US 10 on average) and the shawls are very graceful and pretty. They are designed so they will stay on the shoulders and the instructions are both written and charted for those who have a preference. The patterns are graded from beginner lace to experienced and most all the patterns have a "story" attached to them explaining how they came to be. Though I'm currently knitting on smaller needles, these pattern are very appealing and I'm guessing the larger gage would make the knitting go pretty quickly. I just have to go look at my stash. I'm going to refrain from buying more yarn for now and "shop" from my stash for yarns for projects instead as suggested on the podcast "Stash and Burn" (see sidebar). Besides. I'm spinning yarn too. I almost have one bobbin filled with a single in the green merino/silk. It's not too bad so far. Let's hope I have developed the patience to ply the way I should.