Sunday, March 02, 2008

Arrggh! (Yeah. I Screwed Up Hyrna)

Yes dear readers. I screwed up Hyrna. I dropped a stitch, picked back and could not figure out what row I was on. There is also a point on this shawl where the middle of the shawl turns into a third "petal" for want of a better word and I got hung up at this point as well. Also, let's just admit it right now. I do not like this polworth yarn that I spun very much. It's just not sexy at all. I trashed the first attempt and will try it again, but I can't promise anything. I'm not feeling the love from this project yet :-( On a better note, I'm up to row 67 on that Niebling Tablecloth! I can't call it Peony because there is another Niebling that has been discribed as that, so I will just have to keep calling it the Tablecloth! I finished the center rosette and have started the stem/leaves for the flowers. In the shots, you can see the difference between natural light and flash. I used the flash from far back, shooting at night, and the camera made it a darker color than it really is. The second shot, where it is light pink, is in natural light and is closer to the real color of the lace and yarn. Go figure! I'm also up to row 117 of the Niebling Center for the International Shawl. For those with the white Japanese Ichida book there are errors on row 87 and row 101. Thanks to fleegle, I could make corrections but I think those sections of knitting were really "fugly" if you catch my drift. I'm really glad to be past them. Other than those very painful rows, the knitting has been fun and I still love the Niebling patterns better than almost any other lace knitting I've done. Since I have been buying fiber lately in lieu of yarn, I also took a little bit of time to do some spinning. The blue yarn is what I spun from the Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks roving in the "Lagoon" colorway. I am trying to spin something more substantial to give my spinning a little variety. It's a heavy lace weight and I'm not sure what I will do with it. Maybe a heavy cable/lace scarf? The Green Border Leicester/Mohair Top is from Black Bunny Fibers and the colorway is "Mermaid's Tail". I spun it nice and thick in an effort to practice spinning something other than lace weight. This will be given to my sister to knit into something since I'm not planning on making anything with it. It's not really soft enough for a scarf but maybe a hat and wristers? It's getting a little warmer out here so I imagine my knitting will begin to speed up a little bit. I hope that's the case since there is so much lace and so little time! Hope you have all had a great weekend!