Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lyra, Row 72 (Nieblings Are Addictive)

Yeah, I know. It's a bunch of leaves, but they are pretty leaves! This is up to row 72 of Lyra and I'm really enjoying this pattern. I've received quite a few really helpful e-mails from people who have already made Lyra as well as from people who will be making her too! I stuck this on a longer needle so I could get a picture but as I go on it may not be so easy to get a shot. Interestingly I heard from the lady who sold me the pattern and she felt kind of bad about what I paid for it. Let me just say for the record I am GRATEFUL to have this pattern and I feel fortunate to be able to knit this lace. I have no problem with what I pay for my pastimes. I'm afraid I have neglected other lace projects in favor of this one. I just can't stop knitting it for some reason. I love how each row is different from the next, I love how I can see the pattern emerge and I really like that I get a break with a plain knit row in between pattern rows because I can check my knitting during that row and correct my mistakes before they get out of hand! I am still knitting the edging for Boundary Waters and have 2 sides left to go. I will be gone to Tahoe for 5 days with my friend, Louise so Lyra and Boundary Waters will go with me. WRS will not be going with me. I feel a little guilty I'm not working on it right now but I just don't feel like knitting that one in this heat. Maybe a little later. Good Evening!