Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Miralda Shawl (Yakity Yak)

Finally finished blocking the Miralda Shawl and I have to say that the Yak/Silk blend from "A Verb For Keeping Warm" did fluff up and is very soft with a nice subtle sheen. This is a quick and easy knit with interesting construction. You cast on the edging and then decrease at the center and both sides to make the triangle which ends at the back of your neck on this shawl. I used US 6 needles and the original shawl asks for a a fingering weight yarn though I went a bit thinner. This shawl is maybe 5 ounces of yarn. Every version of this shawl that I have seen is really pretty in its own way. If you want a laugh, look at the Feb 26, 2009 entry for The Yarn Harlot :-) Now to look at my UFO's.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Busy Busy (How many projects does she have?)

Yes. I have crafting ADD. I went to Stitches West 2009 and have been in a frenzy every since. I have started 2 more projects from the book "Knitting Lace of Estonia" by Nancy bush. Both are using hand spun that I made. First up is Mirlada's Triangular Shawl. I'm using a 50/50 Yak/Silk fiber I purchased from "A Verb For Keeping Warm" in colorway "This is a new day". It's now a sturdy 2 ply yarn and I'm using US 6 needles because this is a very small shawl and is supposed to be knit with fingering weight. The second project is the Queen Silvia Shawl which I'm knitting out of a 2 ply made from Pygora, also from Verb, in the "Shaggy Bear" colorway. I'm add a few beads to this one just for laughs. Yes, I know that the shifting colors of cream and grey are not the best pick for this type of pattern but I love how it feels in my hands and just had to knit this one for myself. It will be a "comfort" shawl I can wear around my shoulders when I'm cold.

There is a picture of a circular blocking wire that I bought at Lacis. I'm hoping it will help with blocking those pesky doily's. I also could not resist buying a book on needle Oya (vs crochet Oya) from the bookstore in Japan Town in SF. I'm just fascinated by it. In the area of weaving I'm experimenting using pick-up sticks to make raised areas on the fabric and with making Leno which consists of twisting thread to make open areas on the fabric. Just a little experiment you understand. I'm up to row 133 of Goldregen so no pictures until I get to the edge of this sucker. January and February just flew by and the knitting is keeping me sane. It's really a lifesaver :-)

Friday, March 06, 2009

Stitches West 2009 (Doing our bit for the economy.)

Just a few pictures of the loot me and my sister got at Stitches West this year. I got fat core bobbins for my Majacraft Rose at Carolina Homespun, a rosewood inch gage at ASCIANO, a nickle shawl pin by Romi, 2 braids of BFL in "Helleborus" from Pigeonroof Studios, a treasure trove of lace weight 70/30 Blue Faced Leicester/Pygora from Toots Le Blanc & Co, 2 skeins each of lace weight baby alpaca and silk in the "Chartreuse's Sister" colorway from A Verb For Keeping Warm, the Ethereal Fichu pattern by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer (revised) and a new pattern by Romi called "Blue Bird". The green skein of lace weight is alpaca from Royale Hare in "Spring Wheat"which I could not resist. Both of us bought some of those square double pointed needles we have heard so much about and I'll let you know how those work out.

My sister picked superwash BFL from Tactile Fiber Arts (2 in wisteria, 1 in heliotrope), 6 Ledrum bobbins from Carolina Homespun, 3 skeins 80/20 Yak/Merino in "Jade" and 4 skeins of "This is a new day" in 50/50 Yak/Merino from A Verb For Keeping Warm. Last but not least, she picked up 3 skeins of sock yarn at Pigeonroof Studios in colorways Morrollo, Olive Leaf and Black Walnut.

Whew! I'm going to be a very busy woman for the rest of the year.