Saturday, September 01, 2012

Six Sided Doily from Handarbeits-Vorlage 73m (For the girl who waited)

Handarbeits-Vorlage 73. Six sided doily by Herbert Niebling knit with US 000 and US 00 needles using Filato Di Cantu #30 cotton thread. I knit this specifically as "bridal lace" for the host of "Round the Twist", Carin Boelman who will be getting married this Fall just before Thanksgiving. I have enjoyed her video blog for many years while she generously shared her projects and slices of her life with all the viewers. I'm so happy she found her true love. It was a joy to knit this lace even though I screwed up the mesh towards the very end. If you look at the last set of bells and leaves, you will see that the mesh does not line up in the center. Could have been me, could have been the pattern. Didn't catch it until I was getting ready to cast-off.  I was afraid to rip it back in case I didn't finish it in time so it remains for posterity.  Not too bad though.

Along with the lace, viewers of her video blog are also knitting little cupcakes for the wedding as favors.  The pattern for the cupcakes I made is from the book Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi. I used sock yarn, contemporary seed beads, some of my tatted edgings I made as well as antique French jet hearts, dove and flower sequins and cut beads.Here are pictures of the ones I sent her. 

I have some "duty" knitting I have to do for a person who retired and some lace as a favor for a friend.  Some how those all looked so unappealing after the fun of bridal lace and mini cupcakes that I have decided to knit something else "just for laughs" before I put my nose to the grindstone.  I guess the "duty" knitting will have to wait :-)  Until the next post. Happy Knitting!