Saturday, July 01, 2006

Miss Runner-ups (Or the yarn's that would be lace!)

That's right. "Wedding Ring" shawl "wanna-be's! They never made the cut because they are too bulky for that type of a shawl. I keep a lot of my yarn in clear plastic containers so I can see them. Between my yarn and that of my sister, we look like we are going to set up shop as a knitting store. I keep the finer gage lace yarn in a separate bin so when I opened it up to look at potential candidates for the shetland lace, I was assailed by small strident yarn-voices screaming "Pick Me! Pick Me!". Pathetic really, as only the most anorexic would even qualify to be considered. But there you are. Just as in the fashion industry, you cannot be too thin for this project. Still, they are lovely as you can see above, and will end up as something else. Most likely the "something else" will be a shawl that won't be as difficult and can be something I knit "in between" doing a row of the really difficult work. I say "row" because I have the bad feeling that a row is about all I can do at one sitting and not screw it up. We shall see. I have a few other patterns I can try to work my way up to my big project. Once again, if none of the yarns will work out, I can still find something else to use. I will check other blogs for what people have used with success. Thank's to Knitterguy, I linked to a site that has a comparison of yarns which could be considered for my shawl. There are knitted examples to see of each yarn. It was great of her to go to the trouble to knit swatches for us! (
I am still knitting away on the baby sweater as this is an obligation I should get done before I continue on my less pressing works. As an Auntie, it is my sworn duty to make at least one knitted garment for each child in the family now that I know how to knit. I need to make sure that it is also something that will not make the recipient parents cringe when they have to put it on the baby and take the obligatory picture to post on a web-site. It must also not be a garment so hideous that the child, when it matures, is tempted to place an aging Auntie in a nursing home in retribution! Something for you all to consider when knitting for wee-ones!

Till next we meet!

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