Wednesday, July 12, 2006

So waddaya think? (62 row swatch of The Wedding Ring Shawl)

So here we have it ladies and gentlemen. This is the 62 rows that are the center of the Wedding Ring Shawl ( one view plain, one with a dime for size). I used the "old stash" Shetland from Lacis. I actually got better at it as I went along. Not faster, but better. I went slow enough that I was not making the types of mistakes I made at the start and I learned the look and feel of the yarn, how to pull it enough to get the needle into areas for the knit two togethers etc. Eventually, during a test swatch, you begin to see a logic to how the pattern comes together. I know how much I can pick back before I destroy the yarn, I'm better at stopping before I mess up because I'm tired at the end of a long work day, and I'm knitting looser so it will slide on the circular needles and not shread. So, do you think I should wait for the Cashmere? Or go ahead and start? Should I try "shudder" the Silk again? As frustrating as the Silk was to knit, I was wondering if it would look/feel better if I knit it on US 000. The silk is so fine, it looks insubstantial on US 0. Of course, I could just be delusional from lack of sleep. I am Menopausal after all! I looked at the alternative central panel and I know that I like this one better for some strange reason. I won't be swatching the other pattern out but you never know. I might use it another time for something else!

While I decide, I will go ahead and cast-on the provisional rows so when I get ready to go, I can just start knitting (cast-on 247 stitches). Now, from pictures of the other people knitting Heirloom patterns from Sharon Miller, there does not appear to be any one type of yarn they prefer to use to do the provisional cast-on. I actually like DMC Cebelia tatting/crochet cotton #30 because it's small in size but comes in nice colors so you can see the cast on edge well, it is not "hairy" so will not felt with the yarn I'm using and will come out cleanly when I go to cut the "live" stitches loose.

Must go cast-on now and maybe work on something less taxing for awhile.

To all, a "Good Night!"


alice said...

I love it! So delicate. I use DMC Cebelia #30 for provisional cast-ons, too. I have one ball of pink that never seems to get any smaller....

Jane said...


You must be psychic! Last night I cast on with the Pink! Spooky!

Jason said...

The swatch really looks so beautiful. The shawl will be magnificent.

Jane said...


Thanks for the encouragement but as they say "Don't count your chickens etc." Lets see if I can do the first 62 rows without messing up!