Thursday, August 10, 2006

Worth Flying for (Thank the Lord I flew before the Security Alert!)

Thank the powers that be. I took that trip to Seattle before the security alert turned ugly! I went primarily for a poetry reading my friend Jerry was giving. He's been working at it for a number of years, on and off. Lately he has put a lot more time and effort into the work and I feel he's getting a lot better. A whole crew of us went up to this little coffee shop where they have poets read to support him. I may be biased but I liked his reading the best of the 3 poets who were up there. I don't have permission to post any of it, but once he does publish (he's working on that now) I think he will let me. Of course, a lot of the poets in his writing group feel his writing is directed at a "less diverse" group of readers (read Gay) as opposed to what I guess would be considered more mainstream, but I don't think I agree. People are people, Gay, Straight, Whatever. Anyway, I liked it a lot. Of course, his partner and he have once again sold their house and bought another house and are in the middle of a re-model. I say "once again" because his partner, Paul is a real estate agent and they do this every 4-5 years or so. Each place is beautiful and sells for more than they bought it for. It's a little confusing for the rest of us but we try to keep track of where they are. In stark contrast, my friend, Cindy, who I stayed with in Seattle, is re-modeling her modest home and it has been literally "jacked" up into the air so a lower floor and slab can be poured. Of course, there is currently a concrete pourer strike. We stayed at her mothers home which is right next door to her place. What were the chances that both of them would be doing this at the same time? We talked every night until well after midnight, baked, bitched and caught up on our lives. I brought her my swatch of the WRS center to see and I ended up leaving it with her because she wants to show it to some of her friends who knit. It was OK since it already served it's purpose. I did miss knitting while up there but I would never have been able to do a good job. Too distracted and busy during that trip! Now I have a confession to make. One of the reasons that I left the WRS swatch up there in Seattle is so Cindy's mother could see it. We have this little thing going where I knit something, she knits something more complicated, and I respond with something yet more difficult. It's not on purpose you understand. It's just a "thing" we do without really saying that we are doing it. I know it's petty but I never said I was perfect! Heck, if the woman is going to turn the seamless sweater that my sister knit for Cindy's daughter inside out to see how it was finished, then she can go ahead and stare at the swatch for awhile.

See above pictures of the tips of some knitting needles. Susanne's US 2-3 Ebony needles, Crystal Palace US 0 Bamboo and Addi Natura US 1 Bamboo. Some of the Heirloom knitters were asking about how some of the tips compared so I posted it there and here in case anyone is thinking to go smaller and wants to go with wood/bamboo. I still prefer the Inox for the WRS myself!

Good to be back! Will post again when I have more for you to look at than needle points!


alice said...

hmm. would your friend's mother have to knit something with cobwebs and sewing needles to top WRS in terms of delicacy? :)

Jane said...

Dear alice,

Nice idea! I really like it but I'm sure she'd think I was unreasonable :( I could make her just do the same thing as I'm doing... but that's just not mean enough. I think she would have to spin the yarn and then knit it to one-up me. Then I would just go ahead and spin thinner you see :)

Jason said...

Jane, your little "knitting war" with your friend's mom just makes me chuckle. :-) Have you heard anything from her yet?

Jane said...

Dear jason,

Ahhh Yes. Victory is SWEET! My friend Cindy left me a voice message on my machine letting me know that her mother, "had a heart attack!" when she saw the swatch. You really can't ask for more than a cardiac arrest. The thing is, I don't feel this way about any one elses knitting and from a karmic point of view, it would be better not to be trying to out-do her. I'll have to give it some thought, right after I get done gloating that is!