Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Joined a KAL for Peacock Feathers Shawl (maybe this will give me incentive!)

Sometimes it's nice to be able to knit along with others, but not really have to "get together". I just don't have time to get in a car and go somewhere to knit with others. I commute during the week so I thought I'd give the KAL at Yahool for the Peacock Feathers Shawl a try. I've never participated in a KAL before. The Wedding Ring Shawl can hardly count as it will take a year to finish (I'm half-way through the second repeat of the center panel). What I found is a nice group of people who are all interested in at least this one thing we share. I'm afraid no men have yet joined this group but I bet there will be some eventually. Of course, I had already started my shawl, many on the group have not yet begun, but it is actually encouraging me to keep up the knitting on it and not lose interest. I am now up to row 150 of the pattern. See above a pin-out of the work in progress. I had to transfer the work to longer circulars to pin this out but it was worth it for you to see it. Of course, I have at least one or two "Homer Simpson" fixes ie not perfectly done but, "Good Enough!" Since I'm using US 3 needles rather than US 4, it may be somewhat smaller but that's alright by me. I'm still working away on other projects and shawls but I will post those later. "Mountain Pine's" is still closer to completion than "The Peacock Feathers Shawl", but it also has a Vandyke edge that must be added at the end, and that always feels like an eternity to do. I may change the edging to something else of course, just so my shawl will not be exactly like everyone else's who has made this pattern.

Just so we are clear that I'm nuts. I have sent away for a new pattern that I saw on Criminy Jickets blog ( . It's called the "Heere Be Dragone" pattern. Yes, it is a triangle shawl with a dragon knit into it. I have a neice who loves dragons. You know where this is going of course. The only question now is what yarn to use so the dragon will show up nicely, and will this cause me to finally lose all of my remaining hair? Oh well. This means I must finish at least TWO shawls. One so I can do the Spider Queen and another so I can do the Dragone. Very little spinning will be happening because I must use every spare moment to knit!

Until I have more to show or more to say, Good Evening Friends!


Dave said...

There is also a Yahoo KAL for the Dragone:

See you there!

alice said...

Wow--that Dragone is some shawl. I'm officially tempted--will definitely be looking forward to hearing about/seeing your progress on that one, too!

And your Peacock Shawl is looking lovely! Looks like you're about to start a new chart--maybe that will help keep your momentum going? :)

Jane said...

Dear Dave,

Thank you for the information! As soon as I get a look at this pattern I will check the KAL out. The woman who designed the shawl raises Alpaca. I have some very nice Alpaca yarn but will have to see what the pattern requires:)It's not like I don't already have lots of lace projects to choose from, but that shawl would make a wonderful gift for the neice who's just started highschool. She's more likely to use it than other shawls I would make! Looking forward to the KAL.

Jane said...

Dear Alice,

Yes, the siren son of the Dragone shawl is very strong I admit. I'm just hoping it's not going to fry my brain to do it. As for Peacock, I'm almost to the end of a chart but there's still lots to do before it changes to the border pattern for the biggest feathers.I am knitting along pretty well right now but then I went and had to check out those darned doilie patterns of yours! Could be very disracting. Anyway, Peacock ends with a crochet edge. I have never done crochet but I was thinking of adding beads to the tips. Might be pretty....:)