Sunday, December 31, 2006

Nupps Ahoy! (Swallowtail Shawl)

Ever since the cold weather and the holidays set in, I've had difficulty motivating myself to knit. I also have a head-cold so I'm coughing, snotting and just not as sharp as might normally be. The good thing is that I'm off until Tuesday so I have a rare opportunity to just sit and knit, providing I can stay awake long enough while doped up on codeine cough syrup to do anything. I've been working on the edge to Mountain Pines and have started on the third side, but this is hardly inspirational. I can knit the edge for the shawl because my poor querulous mind can just manage it without loosing track. There are some brave knitters out there who have resumed their knitting already. I know that Jason had the blahs for awhile but is back hard at work on his Lotus Blossom Shawl for his mother at his blog site. ( Missalicefaye never stopped knitting at all and just finished her Unst Stole in beautiful cobweb weight Shetland.( Though I have several projects going ,I want a short project that will give instant gratification. Something to kick-start my knitting. I have started the Swallowtail Shawl as you can see above. I'm using some old lace weight yarn I bought from Crystal Palace a long time ago and then never used. It's not a big shawl and it gives me an opportunity to try out "nupps" which I've never really done. Now I know Alice has already knit this shawl and warned that these nupps are difficult. Purling 5 together will give my pointy new Knit Picks needles a good work-out. I will make sure to do the yarn-overs loosely in order to have the best chance in purling through that many stitches.

I must go now and drug myself into insensibility. Good evening to all.


Anonymous said...

Bupps are easy! Go here:

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant nupps, not bupps!

Jane said...

Great Instruction Site! Thanks for the heads-up. I sort of figured it out too but it's nice to know there is help out there!