Saturday, December 16, 2006

Xmas Diversion

Yeah, I know it's not lace. It's what I'm doing instead of my lace at the moment. If you want the recipe, link out to "Jane's Reality" (see my side-bar for the link). It's really very tasty. I have been working on the edge for Mountain Pines and added a few more rows to Fir Cone. Not enough to post a picture though. Tomorrow I will start to pick-back the 3 or 4 rows needed to fix the Peacock Feathers Shawl. Once I do, I know I can finish it up before Stitches West in Feb. Same for Mountain Pines. My reward will be to wear one of them to Stitches. Vanity, thy name is Jane! I smell like sugar at the moment. Must Shower!


Anonymous said...

The biscotti look devine, not fair though my mouth is watering!

Jane said...

But my dear, that is the whole point of posting them! LOL. We only make them at Christmas time, even if our co-workers beg. They are really worth the effort, but only once a year. Thanks for checking in and Merry Christmas!