Sunday, January 28, 2007

I got this thing for the color Green

I have got to start buying fiber in a color other than green or brown. I have just got done spinning a little laceweight yarn out of Romney and when I looked at my fiber stash I realized I still have tons of green fiber and a heck of a lot of "petroglyph" from Lisa Souza in the brown color range. In any case, it looks like I have enough of this green for a smaller shawl. Nothing on the scale of Mountain Pines which was pretty darned huge. I have some blue yarn I spun last year but when I knit a sample, I realize that the slubs and noils in this yarn make it difficult to knit into lace. It's not consistant at all. It may end up being something I knit "with" something else. We will see. This means I need to either buy, dye, or spin something to use for the Boundary Waters Shawl. I have some white laceweight yarn from Crystal Palace I could dye, or maybe the cream Zephyr that I have. I could also dye some of that BFL fiber that I have in my stash or the Merino. Hmmmm. We shall see. Stitches is coming and with it a look at Lisa Souzas booth and "The Russians". You know which one's I mean. The vendors with the beautiful Orenberg Lace Shawls along with fibers and gossamer weight yarns galore. Excuse me while I get my drool bib on. Sigh. Maybe I'll wait on the yarn for Boundary Waters until after I get a look at Stitches. Do they let you take pictures there or is that now "Verbotten"?
I'm half way through the third repeat of the WRS center and will post once I have finished the repeat. It looks remarkably like cheese cloth at the moment. Not at all impressive.
Hello I must be going.


alice said...

Well, it'll definitely be impressive when you stretch it out a bit! :) ooooh, the gossamer weight yarns at the Skaska Designs booth--that's the place I linger the longest at any fiber festival... :)

Jane said...

Dear alice,

I have total yarn lust fo Skaska Designs. Last year I only bought a little yarn as I was not sure what I might do with it. This year i think it is a case of major yarn porn for me :-)

AkamaiKnitter said...

What gorgeous green yarns! I must confess a love affair with green I'm having this year.

Jane said...

Dear akamaiknitter,

They say that people who like the color green are very sophisticated and urbane. Of course, I like Kermit the Frog too. Wonder what that means?