Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Boundary Waters Shawl (A Short Intermission)

Just a quick post so you can see what I knit when I need a break from the Wedding Ring Shawl. US 6 needles. Even with the variegated yarn I really can't complain. Up to row 115 (464 stitches so far). Someone mentioned that they had not seen this or Mountain Pines knit up. I think it's because it's a pretty old pattern. There is one site from 2003 "Color Joy" that shows a finished Boundary Waters shawl. But that's the only example I've found so far. I looked at the edge of the WRS so I can figure out how hard it will be to pick up all those stitches and I think I will need an afternoon of uninterrupted peace and quiet to manage it. We shall see! I have been remiss in checking or posting at the Heirloom Knitting site or Shawl Knitters site so I did short posts there. Just not enough time to do it all I fear. I hope I won't make you all wait for posts as long as the last time. Good Evening !


Beth S. said...

I usually don't like variegated yarns for lace (except in Old Shale / F&F stitch or similar) but yours is just right for this pattern. It's really more shaded than variegated--subtle and beautiful. I absolutely love it. :-)

missalicefaye said...

lovely. I'm smitten with all those trees. The colors must be a nice break from all that white, too.

Jane said...

Dear Beth,

The dye job was a happy accident and it is pretty nice. Some other stuff I dyed is not so lucky. Not sure what the heck to do with that. Varigated yarns are very difficult. Peacock Feathers Shawl is a bit of a dissapointment because the yarn really is very distracting. I think that's one of the reasons I have not gone back to finish it yet. Maybe I need a carrot? Nice to hear from you. Your lace socks are looking very good!

Jane said...

Dear missalicefaye,

Any color other than white is a big bonus at the moment.It will be awhile before I do anything in white again. Maybe not until Princess:-)

fleegle said...

Stunning, as always. The colors are so subtle that they don't distract from the pattern.

I am with you about white yarn. Even Princess can be knit in a light color other than white. Or maybe you want to try it in black?

Jane said...

Dear fleegle,

Unfortunately, I will have to knit the Princess in white because I have two neices that these shawls are ment to go to. Since they are siblings, I really can't take a chance that a color change would be acceptable. I well remember being the younger sister and sibling relations are a very strange thing.

I have lots of other things I can knit in color. I just have to finish something first before I can start something new :-)