Monday, April 02, 2007

Thousands of Stitches (The Wedding Ring Shawl Border)

It's slow going to knit the border so the pictures are not very inspired. However, I thought I just had to show that I'm actually knitting . I'm only managing a row or two every other night between work, reading and other activity's including a few rows on other shawls. I'm going slow so I don't have to pick back too much. I'll try to make more progress before the next post. I also took time this weekend to dye some cashmere laceweight yarn I purchased on E-Bay at one of my favorite shops, ColourMartUk. I tried to dye it black but I misread the amount needed to and ended up with uneven black/grey/dirty white yarn. It wasn't very expensive so I decided to over-dye it with Violet. It looks much nicer this way. Good Knitting!


Laritza said...

Black is very difficult to get. True black that is. The WRS is getting there!

alice said...

Looks great so far! :) And your violet yarn is lovely--it will make some striking lace!

fleegle said...


and that purple is wonderful. Can you replicate it? Like: dye yarn a gritty gray and overdye with purple?

Jane said...

Dear laritza,

Thank You! One of the reasons I decided to make The Wedding Ring Shawl was looking at the beautiful one you finished in July 2006. I know I complain of the number of stitches but it really is engrossing to knit it.

Jane said...

Dear Alice,

The yarn is actually pretty even if it sprang from a mistake. There are some areas of almost solid black with just a faint over-dye of violet and other smaller areas that are more deeply violet. I am toying with the idea of doing Spider Queen with it. I think I'll check the yardage required. It will be a more solid shawl as a result, but it means I could wear it more or give it to a friend to wear. I think I'll swatch it in my "spare" time :-)

Jane said...

Dear fleegle,

If I did it again, I think I would be more deliberate and tie areas tigher on purpose in order to see if I could control the areas that ended up more violet or I could use actual purple. Now that I know getting a "true" black is so difficult according to laritza, I will be buying black yarn for the Dragone Shawl rather than trying to dye it myself. That means I can experiment on the other cone of cashmere and some of the other yarns I have in white :-)

Kathy said...

Jane, I know I said I wanted border pictures, but really I know they are going to drive me finish the Princess. I am just desperate to start the WRS. I am going to go knit now.
The WRS does look amazing, and I am still debating the silk thread I have or get a cone from Sharon. I have done a few of the swatches of her samples, so should probably do the same with the thread I have already.

Keep on going with the WRS pictures, it's gorgeous, and inspiring.

Jane said...

Dear Kathy,

You are making wonderful progress on the Princess Shawl so I know you will eventually get to The Wedding Ring Shawl as well. I would love to see you swatch in silk. I tried knitting in silk. My dry skin caused endless problems with catching so you may want to try to condition your hands a little before you try swatching. I will continue to post progress!

anne said...

i'm rooting for you on the WRS and will be happy to look at any and all pictures!
and can i say? i just ADORE that blackish-violet yarn. that is really an exciting color.

Jane said...

Dear Anne

Thank you for your encouragement on the WRS. I have to keep checking myself while I knit these very long rows because having to pick back would really be discouraging at this point. It's slow going but I will post when I have something that looks respectable.

I really like the blackish-violet yarn too. I don't imagine I could do it again if I tried though.