Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lambtown Part One (What I Bought In Dixon)

OK, OK. I know I was not going to buy more yarn but I didn't have any "Angel"of my own and Yarn Place was right there and it was on sale and the red was really pretty and the Orange was the color of Orange Sherbet and yes I do expect you to be supportive and if not supportive at least not to condemn me for such paltry purchases of essentially what would be considered my hobby because you are all such lovely people. Only kidding guys. That was just a taste of my James Joyce Stream of Consciousness justifications for purchases I make. I bet you do something similar:-)
We went to Lambtown in Dixon California. A small but very nice fiber fair where they had prepared fibers, fleeces you could buy and prep yourself and various supplies for spinners and other fiber artists. There were a few other non-fiber related vendors but they were kept to a minimum. My sister and I had never been to a fair just for fibers. We usually get to Stitches and the Knitting & Crochet Guilds yearly fairs but that's it. And let me say, there is not enough fiber at those events so off we went to Dixon to this nice, if smaller fair. We knew it would be hot and I forgot my camera so the few pictures that actually came out you see here and are not very clear. Along with the yarn, I purchased what my sister refers to as "Proto-Yarn" ie, "Not Yet Yarn". We bought fiber. It was not cheap fiber but it is really soft and will essentially spin itself. I bought the dark alpaca from Spin Web and it's already pre-drafted and so fluffy I know it will be a pleasure to make yarn with it. The 6 ounces of white Baby Alpaca is a first sheering and may be the softest fiber the alpaca will produce. It's baby fine and will make spectacular lace weight yarn. The niddy noddy is a smaller one to make smaller skeins. It was not cheap at Carolina Homespun but the man who makes them is getting older and "slowing down" so is not making many now. The orange fiber is merino and silk. Its Summer and had a yen for bright colors that I don't have already in the fiber stash. They did not have a large number of sheep/llama etc as they could not have that many animals at this location, but they did have classes in spinning, weaving, lace knitting etc.They showed sheep shearing, had judging for fleece and a raffle for a donated Sonata Wheel. I had a great time in Dixon, avoided heat stroke and will plan to go again next year.


Opal said...

i really don't blame you for giving into temptation. the angel yarn looks lovely.

fleegle said...

Shame on you. More or less. I bought some of that red Angel too, I think for Princess.

Jane said...

Dear Opal,

What can I say? I'm a weak woman!

Jane said...

Dear fleegle,

It really is beautiful in Red :-)