Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Edging, Edging, Edging (And A Little Something Else)

So, as the Borg would say, I have done "One of Four" sides of the Boundary Waters Shawl. Did I mention that doing edging is boring. So I took a break and did some of the Legends of the Shetland Seas stole. I was not going to post progress on the edging as I imagined it might be as boring to see it as it is to knit it , but missalicefaye says she enjoys the posts none the less so I go ahead with short posts. Enjoy!


Donna said...

I'm with missalicefaye! I like to see progress posts, rather than just one at the end.

LittleBerry said...

yes I 3rd that, it always brightens my day when I come to your site and see a new post.... it's interesting to see progress reports and the Legends stole is looking is the border of course

I like the tree??? motifs that are grouped to form a zigzag it's very effective and I normally don't look twice at the tree motif, just shows what you can do with manipulating a single motif... thanks for posting :)

fleegle said...

I totally adore the edging! It's so graceful and really looks like waves.the Shetland Seas shawl is so pretty that I might break down and do it, at some point.

I am with you on the edging. Boring doesn't do it justice. Mind-numbing? Gad, I've been knitting for weeks and I am STILL on the first side of the BWSK.

Barbara said...

Your work is an inspiration as I try a Legends shawl as my first step out of novice lace knitting.

But do you know of a source for the Boundary Waters shawl pattern? I spent several lovely vacation weeks in the Boundary Waters and would now love to make the shawl - a knitter's version of seen it, done it, got the t-shirt.

Barbara in Dunwoody

Kat said...

I fifth that, I enjoy seeing what you're working on. I just drool every time I see the Legends shawl, and I WILL be buying that very soon. I'm trying to hold off until I've finished my Hanging Garden Stole, which for some reason has become a total chore to work on.

I agree, borders become mind numbing very quickly. The finished project sure is worth it though!!

missalicefaye said...

Thank you for indulging me. :) It's a lovely edging, and it makes me want to go spend some time in the water, rather than the office.... And I'm always up for Legends of the Shetland Seas photos!

Laritza said...

Both are lovely!
I was thinking of you last night. I was knitting on the ROE and it can get BORING! I might have to start something else :D

fluffbuff said...

I agree with missalicefaye, especially when the posts are of such lovely lace. On to the other three of four! :)

Carol said...

Pretty pictures are always a treat!

Kate said...

I know exactly what you mean about the borders being boring. At least when you are done, you are done - not like the traditional Shetland way, where you knit the interminable edging and then get to start on the shawl.

Also, and not to blow my own trumpet (or "toot my own horn" as some might say), I do speak fluent Italian, so if you have any problems with the Italian patterns, give me a shout.

Jane said...

Dear Donnam

So noted! I will keep posting the progress on the edges as I go along if you are enjoying looking in :-)

Jane said...

Dear littleberry,

Glad you are enjoying even the shorter posts on edging. I must say that when I bought the patterns for Boundary Water and Mountain Pines (they came together in one booklet) years ago, I had seen the knitted examples and also thought that it was one of the best examples of "trees" I had ever seen. I think they look really good and the construction is really very easy in this weight yarn. I'm on US 6 needles and the trees look great.

Jane said...

Dear fleegle,

At least my edgeing is a very short one. Your edge is like knitting another shawl it's so deep. I like the edging stitch too. It really does look like a wave. If you want a restful knit, then I think you would really like the Boundary Waters shawl. I really liked doing and it was not the actual torture that WRS has turned out to be (my own fault for picking that yarn). You really have plenty to do right now but maybe later!

Jane said...

Dear Barbara,

I'm afraid that this pattern does not appear to be in print any longer. My copy was bought "new" years and years ago. It was designed by "Two Old Bags" and I don't know if they will re-print it. If I find out, I will post it here.

Jane said...

Dear Kat

I too have been holding off on new projects. I just have to finish some things or else I have a tendency to reach the part where the edge is to go on, and then switch to something else until I reach the edge for that. I mean, come on. I did not have to wait to finish the borders for the Sampler Stole to do the edge for Boundary Waters but I did anyway. I think you would enjoy doing the Legends Shawl. I know I am. Good luck finishing Hanging Garden!

Jane said...

Dear missalicefaye,

As long as you enjoy them then I will go ahead and post them. I love all your progress pictures and posts so it's the least I can do :-)

Jane said...

Dear Laritza,

If anyone can have multipal projects on the needles and finish them off, it is you! I am almost having the DT's without being able to cast on a new project (doilies do not count). I know everyone out there, posting or lurking, have their own travails with their knitting. My mantra 'It's supposed to be fun." You have my permission, should you need or want it, to cast on at will! Have a little fun :-)

Jane said...

Dear fluffbuff,

I have turned a corner and knit ever onward! Thank you for the encouragement and thank you for checking in!

Jane said...

Dear Carol,

Thank you! You always praise me even when the pictures are not so very pretty (read Homer Simpson Fixes sigh). It really is nice when the pictures are pretty for a change. I always like the pictures on your blog. You take such care with them. Mine are not always in focus but I'm doing it often late at night and in a menopausal moment!

Jane said...

Dear Kate,

Too true about the old manner of doing the Shetland Shawls. I first read about them in Sarah Don's book and I almost fell off my chair! I'd rather eat dirt! Thank you so much for the offer of Italian language assistance! So far I'm able to figure out the simple doily I'm making but some of the edging is not charted but written out. Serves me right for being mono-lingual. If I need to give you a shout-out on a translation I'll remember your kind offer :-)

miyamojo said...

You've been busy!
Looks lovely as usual and I enjoy progress blogs like everyone else!
I just sit and stare at the knitting... gives me something to strive for.
Thanks for inspiring!
Keep going Jane!
m :)

Jane said...

Dear miyamojo,

I may be busy but it always feels like I knit and knit and knit and make almost no progress LOL. Doing the edging may fry what few grey cells I have left :-) I'm happy you enjoy the posts. I just wish I could take better photographs.

Anonymous said...

Your knitting is absolutely beautiful!!! I would love to know where I could buy the Boundary Waters shawl ... I've googled and can't find it :(

Jane said...

Dear Carissa,

I'm afraid Boundary Waters is not in print. It came together with Mountain Pines and was designed by "Two Old Bags" (formerly known as Wool You Order). You might want to ask if they plan to re-publish this pattern. The contact information I have iss off of the back of their "Summer in Kansas" pattern.

Ann Swanson (507)-289-1874
Katie Nagorney (507)289-3337
718 8th Ave SW
Rochester, MN 55902

Hope that Helps!

Jason said...

Dear Jane,

Eek! So many lace projects! I am loving both of these! I just think the waves are so cool! If I really move to HMB, I'll have to do the Lengends of the Shetland Seas. :-)

Jane said...

Dear Jason,

Eek indeed! Sometimes I worry I will never finish any of them so I was trying not start anything new until I finished at least the two stoles and Boundary Waters. I say "tried" because I had something I could not resist starting, but there is so little of it done that I won't post it and pretend I did not sin :-) Once I finish something I won't feel so guilty and I will then post it. I hope your knitting is going well and I know you are looking up here for when you have to move. So many changes for you at one time. I hope something positive can come from all of it. Glad to hear from you!

LittleBerry said...

On fleegles blog you talked about overdying your peacock shawl when finished... this is exactly what I did with my Swallowtail (I actually dyed the yarn initially myself ) as you can see it looks much better afterwards.... Swallowtail

Jane said...

Dear Littleberry,

I went to your blog and saw the re-dyed Swallowtail and it is much prettier in th enew color! You give me hope that my own will turn out better. Should I just try for black or maybe one of the darker colors that is already in the shawl like a blue? Great results on your shawl!