Friday, March 06, 2009

Stitches West 2009 (Doing our bit for the economy.)

Just a few pictures of the loot me and my sister got at Stitches West this year. I got fat core bobbins for my Majacraft Rose at Carolina Homespun, a rosewood inch gage at ASCIANO, a nickle shawl pin by Romi, 2 braids of BFL in "Helleborus" from Pigeonroof Studios, a treasure trove of lace weight 70/30 Blue Faced Leicester/Pygora from Toots Le Blanc & Co, 2 skeins each of lace weight baby alpaca and silk in the "Chartreuse's Sister" colorway from A Verb For Keeping Warm, the Ethereal Fichu pattern by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer (revised) and a new pattern by Romi called "Blue Bird". The green skein of lace weight is alpaca from Royale Hare in "Spring Wheat"which I could not resist. Both of us bought some of those square double pointed needles we have heard so much about and I'll let you know how those work out.

My sister picked superwash BFL from Tactile Fiber Arts (2 in wisteria, 1 in heliotrope), 6 Ledrum bobbins from Carolina Homespun, 3 skeins 80/20 Yak/Merino in "Jade" and 4 skeins of "This is a new day" in 50/50 Yak/Merino from A Verb For Keeping Warm. Last but not least, she picked up 3 skeins of sock yarn at Pigeonroof Studios in colorways Morrollo, Olive Leaf and Black Walnut.

Whew! I'm going to be a very busy woman for the rest of the year.


Opal said...

great stash enhancement on both your parts! i love the pigeonroof studio fiber. such a beautiful colorway.

fleegle said...

What a gorgeous haul! I am envious I hope lots of vendors come to Stitches South so I can make you drool as well :)

BadCatDesigns said...

What?? I see no mention of the last picture (two spindles) and I just cannot imagine why you didn't think I needed to know about them too...I read the post twice and still...need more info! That is some fine loot. Once again, I find myself wishing to shop with you one day.

Jane said...

Dear Opal,

Since I don't find much yarn at standard yarn stores, I get hit with yarn and fiber lust at Stitches. I love the pigeonroof studio fiber too but I usually just look at it rather than spin it. This year I'm going to spin those two braids up for sure :-)

Jane said...

Dear fleegle,

I know you will pick only the most wonderful stuff at Stitches so I look forward to a visual orgy. This assumes you can keep Harry's mitts off your stuff!

Jane said...

Dear Badcatdesigns,

I totally forgot to say anything about my sisters new spindles! They were both from ASCIANO. The whorls are made of ASH and one has an Ebony stem and the other is Cocobolo. I'm glad you enjoy our finds :-)

MoniqueB. said...

The Helleborus oozed Roses to me, before I read it was the helleborus. Yummie.
I love to see you've made pictures in combo with the patterns you intended to use it with. Beautiful.
I live to far away from Stitches west, and I guess that's for the better.
Did you buy some 'time' too? ;-)

Jane said...

Dear MoniqueB,

I also thought it looked like roses :-) As for time, I never have enough of that to go around. I always wish I lived close enough to go to Maryland Sheep and Wool but some things I I will just have to dream about!