Sunday, April 28, 2013

More Boo Knits (Bring On The Pretty!)

Just a few shots of two Boo Knits shawls that I have made lately. The first was a Mystery KAL on Ravelry that I participated in. The pattern is called "Temptress" and I knit it using Lichtfaden silk baby camel lace yarn that I purchased on Etsy. The Colorway was "A Stormy Sea OOAK" with little  5 mm Czech beads from my stash. It was great fun to participate in this Mystery KAL on the Boo Knits Ravelry board and all the shawls were stunning and very unique to the knitters. The second shawl is also from Boo Knits and was a way to use yarn from my stash. The pattern is "Fragile Heart". I used two different yarns for this project. I only had one skein of Alchemy Haiku in "Tea Cake" which is a variegated yarn. It was not enough yardage for the entire shawl so I ended up pairing it with Shibu Silk Cloud in "Flaxen which is the solid color you see at the back of the neck of the shawl. I think they went well together. I used tiny little grey silver lined beads for accent from my stash and they twinkle nicely in the sunlight.
Both yarns were a pleasure to knit and the patterns make pretty little shawlettes that are easy for people to wear without a lot of fuss.

The last few pictures are my Unis 301 dolls. I like to sew little dresses on my featherweight sewing machines from time to time. It's a nice break from lace knitting. The largest doll is my Bleuette which is around 11 inches. The next size is about 10 inches. My littlest acquisition is only 9 inches high and dates from 1936. This doll was purchased by someone on vacation in Paris and the doll is dressed in a regional outfit from the Province of Alsace Loraine. This outfit was sewn onto her little body and there were even little nails hammered into her body on her waist, legs and feet to hold the clothes in place. Needles to say I took all that off. I will save the pieces of the outfit but I like to think this doll will be thankful to have new outfits to wear :-)

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