Friday, July 28, 2006

Best laid plans... (when you choose the wrong materials)

Ok. So I picked the wrong yarn for the project and it's way too small. Peacock Shawl on US #1 needles is not worth the work to finish it. Not only is it too small, it is not as pretty as I wanted it to be. Not enough color. It is now trash. That's right, trash. Why you ask? Because I'm over 50 years old. I don't have the time to keep knitting a mistake. The WRS on the other hand is up to row 20 and looks good! Not enough to post but when I get one full repeat I will post. Of course, the yarn snapped so I have to hide a knot later or else fix it some other way, but still, looks good if very slow. My next attempt at the Peacock Shawl will be on US 3 and the yarn...well lets just say there is a lot more color going on. I have to admit it. I'm a loud person when it comes to color and after all it's a Peacock shawl. It's supposed to have alot of color. I am now knitting it in a Schaefer Yarn. It's the "Andrea" line which is 100% cultivated silk (wt:3.5 oz/1093 yds. Gage: 8 st/in). The colorway is Indira Gandhi and I have two skeins of it as one is not sufficient to do the shawl. I am at row 61 and will show it once I have a little more. Sigh. I will be using "Graceful" on something else I'm sure. I've been taking breaks and working on the Mountain Pines Shawl as well.

Have a Good Evening!


Jason said...

Ouch! Snapped yarn? Is there no way to felt the ends together?

Jane said...


In every life a little rain must fall. I know that I have felted yarn together on other projects sucessfully, but this yarn is so thin that I'm too afraid to do it on this. In particular, I will be having to wash/soak/stretch this shawl and I would hate to be all done and have that spot be the one that falls apart when I get to the end and dress the shawl. So I will live with hiding the knot at the end. I have put in a temporary knot at the edge of the work and will figure out how to hide it later. I can always re-position the knot to end up in one of the places where there is a slip one, knit two together and psso! Besides, it will show my neices that I'm only human and not really some crazed perfectionist! :)