Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lifeline (no easy way)

So I put in a lifeline for the first time ever, using one of the long needles I bought. Not all that hard to do but next time I will remember to go under the rubber markers so that I won't have to cut them to get them loose! I needed all those markers to be able to move because, on some rows, you move those stitch markers over. I'm going to leave the lifeline in in and add new ones at intervals. I can remove them later once I'm done. I'm up to row 7 of the re-do and I did try to attach the lifeline to the end of the circular needle to see if it would stay put while I knit. I'm sure many others before me have tried this and found it not to be successful. The drag of the yarn pulls it loose, at least at this gage. I imagine it might work if you were using a very thin lifeline and larger needles with thicker yarn so it would slide better. I looked at the Knit Picks catalog that came today. They have a needle set with interchangeable heads. There appears to be a small hole at the base used for the tightening device for those needles. I wonder if you could attach the lifeline there on those needles? They would have a great anchor and would not tear loose. Anyway, using the long needle and just treading it through the loops is ok. If it was larger yarn and bigger needles I was using, I might even thread my US 000 needles through instead of the tatting cotton and just cap them off to hold the stitches "in case". If anyone else comes up with a brainstorm, let me know! I am behind knitting a baby sweater so I must stop work on the center for awhile to meet my Auntie duties!



alice said...

No lifeline advice, since I am generally too lazy to use them. Perhaps it would have made all that ripping back I had to do on the current project a little less nervewracking, though.... :)

Jason said...

Darn! That lifeline idea didn't work.

Amy of talked about using the little holes on the interchangeable needles for lifelines. It should be the same for KnitPicks' needle set.

Jane said...

Dear Alice,

It's not so much the boredom of picking back so much as the damage to the yarn. If it snaps while I knit, it runs, If it doesn't snap but is weak, it may not break until I've finished the shawl and go to block it. That would really make me insane. I'ts all about maintaining the integrity of the yarn at this point! Hope you can pick back without going too loopy! Get a chocolate reward or whatever you like the best for when you are done. You will deserve it!

Jane said...

Dear Jason,

If only those needles came in US 1 or US 0! I'd buy the set just to get those two size if it ment I could attach a lifeline to it. Hmmm. Maybe my sisters Dremmel Drill has a small enough bit that I could drill a hole into the bottom of one of my baboo Us 1 needles.....:)