Thursday, January 11, 2007

Before Lace Became Obsession

Jason at ( has been thinking about spinning his own yarn and knitting a sweater. That got me to thinking. I only have one sweater left that I spun and knit. All the others wore out or were given away as gifts. Before lace became my main obsession, I loved to knit cables. See my "car sweater". The one I keep thrown in the back of my car for if it gets unexpectedly cold. I made this before I was more consistant with my spinning and knitting. It's too big, very green but I still love it and it's heck-a-warm when you need it to be. The pattern is one from Classic Elite but I left the color knitting part of the pattern out. So Jason, if you spin to knit a sweater, it's important to know what type of sweater and approx yardage you will need. Since I began to focus on lace, I've stopped knitting cables, but I may go back to it once I burn-out on the lace, if I ever do burn out on the lace that is.
Blast from the Past. Good Evening To All.


Jason said...

Wow! Awesome cable patterns! Especially the leaf/flame/feather-like pattern. What is that?

I have a feeling that I love cables too. My secret desire is to knit myself a fancy sweater with cables. :-)

Jane said...

Dear Jason,

I don't take photographs as well as I knit. It's a leaf and this sweater is much more of a dark green with gold and black in it. The wool was Merino that I got from Woodlands Wooworks a long time ago and is a two ply. Cables are alot of fun. I don't enjoy color knitting so it's texture and holes for me! You get alot of bang for your buck with cables but it takes a whole lot more yarn than you would think to make one of these sweaters. It's easier than you think. If you can follow a lace chart, you can follow a cable chart. Try something easy first or make one a baby sweater first. That's what I did and it came out great!