Thursday, January 11, 2007

Siren Song of Koigu Part 2

I know I'm not done with Mountain Pine's yet but I couldn't resist starting the Flower Basket Lace Scarf using my Christmas Koigu. This doesn't really show the pretty colors of this yarn because it's late at night and I'm using flash. I hope to get a better shot later. I'm using US 5 to knit this and it's going to be a good substantial shawl. This one I keep for sure since the yarn was from a gift certificate my friend, Louise gave me. She's getting older and I won't give up anything that reminds me of her. Time's too short and someday I'll be able to wear this shawl and think of her generosity and friendship. I'm alternating knitting the edge for Mountain Pines, working on this Flower Basket Shawl and reading "Dark Moon Defender" by Sharon Shinn. What? Me, schizophrenic? Nah!


fleegle said...

It's gorgeous, my dear, just like all your other knitting!

Jane said...

Dear fleegle,

Thank's! I'm really loving knitting these lacy shawls. I seldom have been known to wear one but I just may have to start. I enjoy looking at your knitting as well and always admire what you're making!